Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25 edited things about me

    "25 Random Things About Me" is so February 2009. But anyone who works in a newsroom knows that some information just sits in the queue till things get slow:

  1. Brenda is God's most marvelous creation. Not that you aren't awesome too.

  2. My mom studied communications. My dad studied logic. I'm studying them.

  3. My bookshelves are flouting Zero Book Growth policy.

  4. Newspapers will die when laptops are cheap enough to leave on the L.

  5. Ed il mio bacio scioglierà il silenzio che ti fa mia.

  6. Playing softball on asphalt, I couldn't understand why anyone would slide into home.

  7. My 7th-grade chemistry class at St. Mary's: Watching the teacher handle test tubes.

  8. I shot news stories on a Bell & Howell Filmo.

  9. I wrote Fortran for a Univac 1110.

  10. I played in a band with Clark Terry.

  11. Why did I have to learn penmanship from Ditto but slide rule from Mimeograph?

  12. Time to break for coffee.

  13. If I don't cry at the opera, it's bad opera.

  14. Brenda calls me a raisinholic, but I can stop eating anytime I want.

  15. Dominus vobiscum. Et cum spirito tuo.

  16. How did Tall become the small size? In clothing, I mean.

  17. Best part of my desk set: My grandfather's pica pole.

  18. I sang at Cardinal Cody's funeral.

  19. I set type on a Compugraphic.

  20. My studies changed from art to journalism because my paintings all had text.

  21. My favorite color is gray.

  22. Games are meant to be played, not watched. Except playing baseball is mostly watching.

  23. Marvel Comics taught me Yiddish. That's meshuga.

  24. Less Facebook time means more face time and more book time.

  25. Sto lat, sto lat. Niech zyje, zyje nam.

  26. The best part about the web is that it will count to 25 for you.

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