Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mark R. Evans, 1963-2006

Web designer Mark Evans was shot to death outside his home in Avondale, the Tribune reports. I met him after I had started as a Web producer and he was full of ideas on our emerging field.

The area looks rough from police blotter reports, including the nearby bust of a suspected gun dealer. But there were few early details in Evans' death.

The Decatur paper published his death notice Friday; a guestbook is on

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Johnny Yen said...

Yesterday was the anniversary of Mark's death. Thank you for remembering him. He was one of my closest friends, and yes, he was full of great ideas and energy.

I see that this post was nearly a year ago. The police did partially solve the crime. One of the scenarios that we suspected-- the son of a former tenant, who'd become involved in a gang and had in fact burglarized Mark's apartment while his family lived in the building, was involved. There were four robbers. The person who shot Mark later killed two of his accomplices for fear of them ratting him out. A fourth was caught and convicted of attempted armed robbery, and sentenced to 5 years.

On Saturday, we had a celebration of his life. There are details on my blog.

Please check the blog or email me at if you would like more details.