Monday, September 05, 2005

Union label

ShopLocalIt's Labor Day, when we express solidarity with fellow shoppers by marching into the nearest mall. Brenda and I have been looking for fall clothing and the cursed fashion boss gives us nothing but summer's capri pants and winter's woolens.

Whatever our size, the off-the-rack choices are just a bit off. So we shop together for mutual reinforcement. A rare good fit on a pair of slacks made Brenda as happy as I had seen her since Illinois made the Big Ten finals. And even though Brenda finds it easier to shop for me than for herself, I have been trying to make up for my lack of a shopping gene by making my own selections.

Before I met her I had a reputation as a fashion horse, but in a newsroom that is a low standard to meet. I suspect I earned it by writing an article on maternity clothes, aided by astute bachelor shopping at Venture. At least now I can confidently take fashion cues from the sofa upholstery Brenda chose this year. Chocolate and sage appears to be the combination coming up everywhere except on dessert menus. It looks stunning on this Claiborne shirt, even though I'll have to accept a larger neck size.

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