Thursday, March 20, 2014

The turtle on his accomplishments

Mark Sullivan/ NOAA photo

Whatever I do, I like to take a deep dive. What's the point in just keeping your head above water?

Fishing seems to be taking over my life. Sponges and jellyfish aren't enough challenge. What gets me going is the hunt for shrimp and other big game.

Swimming against the current has to be done just right, but once you get into the rhythm it's as natural as digging for worms. And when you're done for the day it's hard to feel lethargic.

I head to a favorite little swale. It's yards and yards from the beach, but I don't mind the trip because it's such a relaxing place to kick back.

I laid eggs in the sand a few months ago. What happened with that? I went back there the other day, and kids have just taken over the beach. It's like you can't have anyplace to yourself these days.

I'm not boring you, am I? I got all day.

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